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Adding value to our clients is our main focus. We have an excellent track record which speaks for itself. Our top and senior management have demonstrated the necessary skills, knowledge and qualifications which enables us to identify, investigate and implement tailor made solutions to our clients.

Clean-audit-turnaround strategy

MAPS has demonstrated in the past years, its wealth of expertise in assisting our clients with turn-around strategies towards clean audits. In fact, we guarantee our clients, by following our methodology, that current qualification areas will move at least one level each year towards an unqualified audit opinion. Our expertise does not only lie in financial statements, but also in performance information reporting and impact compliance management.

Reporting of Predetermined Objectives advisory services

The reporting of predetermined objectives has become a significant focus area during the last few years. Early indications are that from the 2019/2020 financial year, public institutions will receive a formal audit opinion on reported performance objectives by the Auditor-General of South Africa. MAPS can assist clients to review the portfolio of evidence supporting performance reporting to ensure “audit readiness”, and to ensure the maximum compliance to laws and regulations. MAPS will perform the same audit procedures as external auditors, but with the exception that hundred percent of all evidence and indicators are reviewed. By enrolling your staff in our predetermined objective academy, they will not only receive training and support but also step-by-step guidance to counter each pitfall that may result in negative audit findings. Our dedicated team has had many successes in this field and this service is also included as part of our internal audit service package. Impact compliance management advisory

Impact compliance management advisory

In order to achieve a “clean audit” status as issued by the Auditor General, an entity needs to focus not only on the financial and predetermined objective results, but also demonstrate that compliance management is an integral part of the organisation. MAPS will design a compliance grid for evaluation, and ensure that key compliance areas are met through the intervention of our senior resources. While some compliance areas are easier to achieve, matters like fruitless and wasteful, irregular and unauthorised expenditure link back to the health of the procurement units. MAPS will ensure that these key compliance matters are monitored and achieved through our impact compliance management strategy.


Monthly management accounting, evaluation of business performance and drafting of annual financial statements either IFRS, SA GAAP, GRAP as well as IFRS for SMME.


Assistance with individuals and corporate entities tax, tax planning and minimizing of taxation liabilities through legal means, estate planning, statutory requirements such as submission of VAT and PAYE returns.

Transaction advisory

MAPS specialises in transaction advisory services from major infrastructure procurement projects, public-private partnerships and service delivery improvement programmes, including project conception and registration, transaction process support and legal and financial advice. The services include transaction support, transaction planning, feasibility analysis, procurement and institutionalisation.

Information Technology Security and Information Assessments

Information technology security assessment plans a vital role in the organisation understand of its risk exposure towards security risks. Our team of Certified Information System Auditors will assist entities to identify and manage these risk areas. These reviews cover operating system security reviews, network security reviews, attack and penetration testing, network devices- firewalls, routers, switches and intrusion detection systems, database security reviews, application security reviews, web-application security reviews as well as security governance reviews.

Risk Management and Internal Audit

All organisations, whether private, public, charitable or otherwise, are constantly faced with risks associated with its business. Therefore systems of risk management and internal audit are now a prerequisite to ensure good corporate governance. The King's Report of Corporate Governance imposes a responsibility of greater accountability on management. This will ensure stakeholders of the continuing integrity of their organisation's risk management and Corporate Governance processes. We approach the Internal Audit Process through a thorough evaluation of an organisation's risks – financial, information technology and business risks. We review the controls and fraud prevention plans in place so that we develop an audit coverage plan which will address the areas where the risk is considered to be the highest spread over a period of three years.

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